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“I have been struggling for years now to put on my support stockings and Tubigrip, particularly when I have a dressing on either or both legs.

Nurses generally use a cylinder to assist them apply Tubigrip etc. but for single handed non medical use that is difficult.
I recently bought an EZY-As and hey presto! My morning dressing life has been transformed!
I am able to get my stockings and Tubigrip on without any difficulty at all, and I don’t “ladder” the stockings either!”

“As an additional benefit the delivery service was very fast and efficient.”

“I got the applicator the following day. It works fine. Knowing a bit about the pressure stocking world, I can tell you that
I think that your product is just about the best 'out there'. Your applicator mainly scores in its simplicity of design and use,
and plus the fact that most products in this field do not come in more than one size, whereas yours does.I really feel that you have a winner here”
I have found Ezy-As an excellent product to work with. It so simple to use and has reduced application time greatly.
I found the sturdy design helps to protect and prevent discomfort when applying stockings, and
it is good value for money as it doesn't have to be renewed on a regular basis. I like the cheery colours denoting various sizes,
as they are easily identifiable, and do not have a clinical appearance. I highly recommend it.”
"WOW!!!  I wanted to let you know that I received the Ezy-As and took them to 4 patients today to trial. It was a great success with all 4 patients!!  
We were all amazed and one lady who has not been able to don her compression stockings for years had no trouble with it!  
 In fact, I am going to order two more today for two patients that want their own."

“Thanks for your cooperation, the applicator arrived yesterday afternoon so that is what I call an excellent service. Well done!” 

"Mum is small, so at first it was difficult to fit the sleeve over the applicator, but now that she has got the hang of it she finds the applicator a big help.  The sleeves are so tight and awkward to put on that an invention such as yours is a fantastic idea."

"Your applicator mainly scores in its simplicity of design and use, and plus the fact that most products in this field do not come in more than one size, whereas yours does. I really feel that you have a winner here. Good luck for the future."

"I purchased the Large Ezy-As with it I am able to put on my own compression stockings single-handedly. I load up the applicator in the way shown and then place the loaded applicator on a carpeted floor and ''hey-presto'' the stocking is on to mid-calf in a matter of seconds. I then lift my foot up and put it on the top of the ottoman at the foot of the bed then adjust the remainder of the stocking up to the knee.
Simple as that. In fact as the manufacturer claims for his product . . . EZY-AS.
It could not be simpler. Absolutely fantastic."

"I am really excited, I used the appliance on my husband this morning. There was no stress on either of us, no abrasion and pulling of his skin, like manual application. He will be using it himself this evening''
"Applicator going well and I have had success with one patient who has been struggling for approx: 2 years - he was very impressed! Thanks again"

"Thank you for sending a small Ezy-As for our patient; she is delighted with it as it has made fitting her arm support a lot easier.  Previously it took so long to fit that the blood supply to her hand was being cut off before she could get the narrow part of the support down to her wrist.  It is still takes a bit of effort to stretch the support over the Ezy-As and she has found that using rubber gloves as recommended helps with this." 
"I do hope you  succeed in getting this product onto the Drug Tariff as currently there is only an applicator for hosiery available; we tried it but it was of no use for this type of arm support."
“At the moment only the carers are using the aids - mostly for total
hips, the feed back from them is that the aids are excellent.” 

"Hope you are not tired of hearing from me. Every time I put on my husbands compression stockings using his EZ-AS applicator, I get sold all over again"
"Thank you so much for sending me the Ezy-As applicator. It arrived on Friday morning and my colleagues have rarely seen me so excited. I took it home to have a play over the weekend. Although I'm nearer retirement than the rest of the team, my stockings aren't yet of the compression type! However, I have got used to using it and find it very promising. I now look forward to trying it with service users."




To provide the best applicator to aid donning of Compression Garments to ensure ease of application.

To promote the wearing of Compression Garmenst.


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