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Multi Award Winning!

Ezy-As is a multi award winning innovative, precision made product to make your life as easy possible. Its design and functionality make it easier to don and doff your garments Ezy-As is designed and engineered to exacting requirements, it is a one piece robust design requires no assembly and has no parts to lose making it ready to use straight out of the box. Ezy-As comes in three colour coded sizes to suit, each one with smooth lines, no corners to snag your garments and can be used by patients on their own or by carers of patients who are unable to apply their own garments. It is engineered for durability, it is lightweight, guaranteed and it can be cleaned with soap and water or hypochlorites if being used in multiple patient use areas to prevent HAI. By its nature it can not be autoclaved or put in a direct heat source. Ezy-As design means that it won't rust, chip, peel, leak, snag or damage your garments and as it requires no assembly making it ready to use out of the box

A truly premium product designed to stand the test of time

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Universal Removable Handle

Ezy-As comes with a smart universal handle system which fits all three sizes and can be easily removed using the integral clips when not required, this enables extendable reach for those with limited movement or require this during their recuperation time from surgery.

Use When You Need It

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Multifunctional for Arms & Legs

Ezy-As is designed to be quick and easy to use on either upper and lower limbs, with either tubular bandages or compression garments. It provides minimal to no disruption to an injury / dressing (less traumatic) because of its unique, compact, lightweight and single piece design. There is an Ezy-As to fit all garments whether a open and closed toe stockings, knee high and full leg anti-embolism (AES), tubular shaped support bandages and travel socks, tubular bandages, arm sleeves, gauntlets.

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Instruction books & Videos

Ezy-As has full instruction booklets enclosed in packaging and is supported by video instructions on line aiding to its user friendliness. Its durable lightweight design makes it a product that you can pack in your suitcase and enjoy your holiday knowing that its there when you need it.

Downloadable PDF Instructions

Video Instructions



To provide the best applicator to aid donning of Compression Garments to ensure ease of application.

To promote the wearing of Compression Garmenst.


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